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Why Merlene Should Win…

Dear John Chow,

I think it’s great that you’re having this contest, and while I would personally love to go I probably can’t get the time off, but I’m entering your contest anyway, and if you choose my entry I’m giving it to Merlene Paynter of

Why Merlene? Because she’s an awesome person, I know her personally, and not just in an Internet way. I’ve stayed at her home, cooked with her, met her family, including her now ex-husband. Merlene has had 2 of the roughest years of anyone I know both online or off, and now she’s coming out of that time and heading off into a future that’s looking to be bright and wonderful and full of all the things that make Merlene so fucking awesome.

I want Merlene to go to Blog World Expo, I want her to meet her Super Heros, I want her to learn and grow and show the world her dazzling smile. Because I know that when she returns, she’s going to take all of that and put it into, and the host of other sites I know she has in her.

We talk, we talk a lot, every day in fact and we bounce ideas off of each other, come up with crazy schemes, plots and misadventures, She’s the Lucy to my Ethel, she inspires me to do better and for that she should win.

PS Merlene had nothing to do with this, and will probably kick my ass for posting it.