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Pics, it happened.

A few photos from my weekend at Syd & Ken’s fabulous Mendocino hideaway.     Tweet

Pistachio & Chorizo Cake

Recently David Lebovitz posted a version of this recipe that he adapted from Chocolate & Zucchini. I have to say this is an excellent savory snack cake, perfect for afternoon nibbles, cocktail parties and picnics. I made it for a day with the family and put it out with cheeses and meats for everyone to […]


I thought about writing something profound here but, it’s all already been said. Enjoy, Charles Un Deux Trois Perhaps I’ll post after dinner. It’s my day, I’m doing what I want. Tweet

Happy Mother’s Day

I spent the day with my Mom, and my sisters (both moms themselves). Had fun with everyone, and tormented the nieces and nephews. The teenage ones I live to embarrass. The youngest I love to spoil with gifts and teach them naughty things (Alayna, (5) flipped me off today, with some help from her cousin). […]

Rib Sampler

Rib Sampler Originally uploaded by Charles French. What I ate at dinner last Friday, No way could I finish that, the leftovers fed two for dinner the next night. Tweet

Dinner at Blue Smoke

Dinner at Blue Smoke Originally uploaded by Charles French. Last Friday, a great night with good friends, can’t beat it. And for those who think you can’t get real barbecue in Yankee territory, you gotta try Blue Smoke, it was amazing. Tweet


Welcome to the new After taking a hiatus for a few years, I’ve decided it’s time to breathe some new life into my dotcom. This is where you’ll find me sharing my recipes, photos, life in general and most importantly where I’ll be posting updates from my various trips like my upcoming ones to […]