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Absentia, Memoria, Florida Part Two

I kinda forgot I was supposed to post part two… Absentia, Memoria, Florida Part Two: Memoria/Birthday I’m going to start by saying very few people knew it was my birthday, and I kinda wanted it to stay that way, but word got out.¬† When you have the same birthday as the Guru you get overshadowed, […]

In Absentia, Memoria, Florida. Part One

Starting with silliness and at the end of the story, my flight home departs from Orlando, thanks to my friend’s elite status I got priority boarding which meant having time to sit and watch everyone else board, and I’ve realized that there is a whole subset of the “Bear” community, that are seriously into Disney […]

Pics, it happened.

A few photos from my weekend at Syd & Ken’s fabulous Mendocino hideaway.     Tweet


Spring Break for the kids at school and the adults that work there too. I’m in a sacred place far from the likes of partying spring breakers and girls ‘gone wild’ a spot¬† in the ‘Emerald Triangle’ of California full of aging hippies, bikers, weed farmers, military types, and BnB’s. Of course I left the […]

Wilde’s Tomb

Oscar Wilde’s TombGerman tourists adding to the desecration of Wilde’s tomb. Music by Edith Piaf “Enfin le Printemps” The tomb of literary genius Oscar Wilde in Pere le Chaise Cemetery, Paris. If you’re reading this in an RSS feed and don’t see the video, click through for it. Tweet

The Sahara Hotel & Casino – To Be Avoided

I don’t normally use this as a platform to complain, some notable exceptions like being ripped off in Paris aside. But this time I have to share and hopefully prevent others from making the mistake of staying at the Sahara Hotel & Casino in Las Vegas. This is how the Sahara describes their rooms: “The […]

Walking amongst the dead…

The Scariest Skull Ever… For my dear friend Ruth who got married this week. (She’s at the end). Congrats to you both, Chris you got one of the best, treat her well. Ruth, ditto to you my love. Tweet

Fashion! Turn to the left, Fashion! Turn to the right, Oooh, fashion!

It’s Fashion Week in NYC and mostly what that means to me is it’s a real pain in the ass to get to my favorite coffee place. This time though there’s something special going on, a tribute to the awesome career of Valentino Garavani. The exhibit called “The Red Thread” is only open for one […]

Why Merlene Should Win…

Dear John Chow, I think it’s great that you’re having this contest, and while I would personally love to go I probably can’t get the time off, but I’m entering your contest anyway, and if you choose my entry I’m giving it to Merlene Paynter of Why Merlene? Because she’s an awesome person, I […]

Sunset Walks At The Louvre