Playing With My Food ~
A journal about food, thought, travel, and life; by Chef & Raconteur Chaz French.

As My Mother Lies Dying

For as long as I can rememberI’ve feared my mother woulddie from dementia Forget everything she’s doneForget her children, her travels,her perseverance Leaving an abusive marriageRaising children as a single motherMaking a new life of her own Her boyfriend, her grandchildrenand great grandchildrenall forgotten and lost To the fog of the brainThe crippling of the […]


Grief is fluidand like the ocean it has waves some just wet your feetand some are tsunamis  Worst are the sneaker wavesthat come out of nowhereand drag you out to choke and drown in a sea of your own tears —Dedicated to my friend Sean Reinert Tweet


Celebration I should be dead by nowbut I refuse.In 1998 I became ~ other I became ~ positiveTold that I had twentymaybe twenty-five years to live, most of them ill. I stand, I live, I am healthyand I remain defiant.I will live.I will outlive you all! I simply refuse to acceptthat I cannot live a […]

After Gertrude

Is it? Was it?Could it be?Bliss,rapture,joy, toys, child, man,death cares not. I just got,got good,got together,forever,eternity,love’s prison cell,death sentence, marriage vows,In the halls of just us ball and chainforced labor,children,out of sight in the darkunder sheets and in-between. School work,business work,relationship work,Where’s you?Where’s me?Wears out. Broken vows, slaughtered cows,in the silence left to bleed,draw a […]

San Francisco

Fog tumbles over the mountainan avalanche incascading sheets of white. The City lays before me silent,in the late afternoon sun-setting time. Wind rushes by as it plummets into the cityscape sprawled out below. Slowly it succumbs to the avalanche. Fog falling all the way to the bay. Then the rush of white takes me deep […]

A Quieting

Yeah, it’s gone quiet. – Happens here and there. Cooking, not writing, but taking notes.  Busy being busy, stay tuned, the search for balance continues…. Tweet

Baked Sundays: Cranberry Sunflower Bread

This is the bread that the kids (and adults) at school love the most. It’s dense and moist with a seriously crunchy crust. The recipe makes two family sized loaves of bread. Goes great with a soup or stew, or spread with sunflower butter and jam, or just a smear of butter and a sprinkle […]

A PS To Pat L.

I went to the clinic today and the triage nurse sent me to the ER for X-rays, and it turns out that I broke my left clavicle at the joint.  It will heal on its own in 4-6 weeks, while it’s in a sling.  And thankfully I can get basic treatment for free thanks to […]

An open letter to Pat L.

Dear Pat L. (who works at a Peet’s in the East Bay), You serve me my coffee somewhat regularly, your beard and tattoos make you easily recognizable and I often see you riding your bike around town, without a helmet.  Look, I’m not a preacher, I’m an atheist, but I feel compelled to share a […]

I’m A Judge At This Year’s Eat Real Festival!

I was  thrilled to announce that I was asked to be judge at this year’s Eat Real Fest’s DIY Charcuterie Contest, I am also saddened to annouce the DIY Charcuterie Contest was canceled due to liability issues over the remote chance of food poisoning. However…. I’ve now been moved to the panel for the DIY […]