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Pistachio & Chorizo Cake

Recently David Lebovitz posted a version of this recipe that he adapted from Chocolate & Zucchini.

I have to say this is an excellent savory snack cake, perfect for afternoon nibbles, cocktail parties and picnics. I made it for a day with the family and put it out with cheeses and meats for everyone to graze on with drinks while they patiently waited for dinner to be made.

I varied a bit from David’s version, I didn’t have whole milk yogurt, so I used non-fat Greek style. David had varied from Clotilde’s version by using dry sun-dried tomatoes, where Clotilde and I used oil packed. I was out of Chile powder, so I swapped out sweet smoked paprika. My cake also turned out a little bigger than David’s version because I used more chorizo, the smallest I could find was .33 pound so I had a good two ounces more meat than called for. Lastly I was in no mood for chopping anything more than roughly so my parsley was a little big and probably more 1/3 a cup than a 1/4.

If you’re getting the idea that you can do a lot of playing with this recipe and it will still work as long as the basic quantities of flour/egg/yogurt/leavening are good then you’re golden. David did say (in comments on his site) not to use anything that would exude moisture such as zucchini, but olives, cheeses, ham, other sausages, all would work fine.

I highly recommend trying this recipe out, I will definitely be trying variations of this and with the holidays coming up I should have several opportunities. I’ll report back. In the mean time be sure to check out David’s site, or some of his books: David Lebovitz on Amazon.