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Changes are afoot…

So, you may have noticed, I haven’t exactly posted in a while…

There’s a bunch of reasons, some good, some lazy, and some… well life has this way of throwing curve balls at you…

I’m working on a number of ideas, none of which are related to the focus of my personal weblog… was always meant to be a starting point, and now I’m at a place where a number of the things that I’m actively interested in don’t fit in with the topic I’ve chosen for this site. so rather than change the focus, I’m starting some new sites, notice the plural… This site will remain a place where I share recipes and my personal thoughts on my travels, it may even expand to include my personal thoughts outside of those areas. but it’s not meant to be a catchall the way some personal blogs are and at least for me that means I need to make some delineations.

As I get new things set up, I’ll post links to them here, and this site will continue, I lost my domain name once, it’s not going to happen again, it may just not have the frequency I originally wanted, and that’s okay.

I’m not ready to start promoting the other sites I’m working on, but they’re going to be interesting to say the least. I’m working on ideas for a couple of podcasts which I’m hoping to have started by mid-september, A live streaming video site is in the planning stages for mid-2009. I’ve got two health and well-being sites that need my attention, one is solo and very specific to the large brick my doctor dropped on my head last week, and the other is with a group of friends who are going through their own health issues and want to reach out and share their stories. I’m also working out a plan for a more professionally oriented travel site… To say my plate is full, would be ignoring the things that are falling off it, I’ve got big plans, big thoughts and big dreams, which brings me to…

Some dreams I’ve been having lately; ones that wake you up with a force and hit you upside the head with ideas… So I’ve been getting up in the middle of the night to take notes on them for a clothing line that has been appearing in my dreams for a couple of weeks now. This part will take the longest to implement, because I’ve got a bit of a learning curve with the designing programs I’ve chosen to use, and some learning of how to use silk screening equipment, I could go with cafepress, but then most of the money from the clothes would be going to them, and they wouldn’t be true to the dreams, these shirts are meant to be made by hand, although I do plan to offer a full line of them within Second Life as well.

Lastly, there’s a part of me that no one has seen in a good decade now, and it’s time for me to at least try to start getting back in touch with my poetic self. I’m actually a damn good poet, and not a bad lyricist either, but I haven’t been talking to that part of me for a very long time, and it is well past time for me to get back to it. I’ve been highly lauded by professors and musicians for my past works, time to dust off that part of me as well.

As things get up and running, I’ll post links here, to twitter, and seesmic, and phreadz, and utterz, and 12Seconds, and Facebook and BLOODY HELL That’s too much bullshit… there should be a site a place where all thing Chaz come together…

And it’s on the way will launch as a catchall tumblog of all the various parts of me. At the moment there is only a banner there, that will be changing soon.

PS Now that I’ve gotten that off my chest, perhaps, just perhaps I’m finally free to start posting the stuff from France and some recipes I’ve been sitting on for quite some time.

I feel better now - 1:16am Sunday August 10, 2008

I feel better now!