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The Spy Who Fed Me…

The news is all atwitter the last 24 hours about the late Julia Child’s time in the OSS.

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It’s not been a secret for a long time that she worked in the OSS in a clerical role, it was long suspected that she was more than a secretary, and the CIA even admitted as much back in 2007.

So why is this suddenly news again, could there be even more details about her time as a spy to be released? Could it be that her name was highlighted because the news was released on August 13th, 2008, the fourth anniversary of her death?

Who knows…

What I know is that I’m seeing Julia all over my TV news, my newspapers, websites, blogs, radio, even my Kindle; and you know what, it feels good.

I adore Julia Child, she has inspired and influenced my life, my cooking, my soul. Knowing that she was also a spy just makes her all the more cool and awesome.

So I’m going to go and put on an episode or two of The French Chef, maybe leaf through my copy of MtAoFC V1, and remember the awesomeness that was Julia Child.