Playing With My Food ~
A journal about food, thought, travel, and life; by Chef & Raconteur Chaz French.

Revelation about Inspiration

I’m always looking for inspiration, inspiration to cook, to write, new things to try, it goes on and on. I believe most of us are constantly searching for things to inspire us in to making our lives, or perhaps the world better. Today I had a minor revelation…. Why? Why look for things to inspire us? Why not *be* the inspiration for others?

This came to me today, after hearing once again, and more than I can count, that my weight loss has inspired someone else to try, to persevere, to do it. I’ve heard this from friends and coworkers alike. While they all respect and understand that I’m doing extreme low-carb, and that is what’s working for me, they are trying their own ways, Weight Watchers, cleansing, Zone Chef, moderated carbs, caloric restriction, it goes on… There are at least 10 people trying to lose weight because I took action to improve my life and health.

I am an inspiration to others, even people not trying to lose weight are on board, supportive and genuinely amazed when I say “I’ve lost 52lbs since January 15th” I’ve got 37lbs to go, and while the weight loss has slowed, as it will the closer you get to your goal, I’m still making progress and guess what… All these folks telling me that I’m their inspiration, and those who are supportive and interested in my progress, have become my inspiration to keep going.

Just think of what we, as a society, could do if we all set out to BE THE INSPIRATION, rather than searching for it.

Stop searching for inspiration, and be inspiration…