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A journal about food, thought, travel, and life; by Chef & Raconteur Chaz French.

Post Paris…

Last year I looked at Paris, and France in general with eyes of wonder, and a joy from finally realizing my dream of going there, I enjoyed it so much so that I began to think about the possibility of living there ‘someday’. A year later I return and this time I’m looking at Paris with the eyes of someone seriously pondering a move in a few years. I was looking more critically at the city. Paris is still an amazing gorgeous city but it is also a modern city with modern problems, there is homelessness, crime, air pollution, noise pollution, traffic congestion (even with those teeny cars and scooters). All the things that come with being a major city, it hasn’t changed my mind about wanting to live there, but it’s good to not be looking at the city with peril sensitive sunglasses on.

This trip has definitely increased my interest in France, but it has also given me a few things to work on to get to where I can be able to live there, chief among those is getting treated for my allergies, yes, even more than becoming fluent in French which I’ll be starting classes for in the fall.

I’ll be posting more pictures and thoughts about the trip over the coming week or so, there’s a lot to digest and the latter part of my trip got incredibly busy which is why I stopped writing daily, come the end of the day I could barely stay awake long enough to download the photos and recharge the camera’s battery.

It was a fun trip and I’m already planning my next one…