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Picture This…


Back in June I went to see Blondie perform at the Nokia Theatre in Times Square NYC. During the show I snuck out my camera and snapped a few photos which was against the rules, but I did it anyway. I personally know that Debbie doesn’t mind photos, she minds the damn flashbulbs, but it’s easier to ban photography than to teach idiots to turn off their flash. I know better…

So after the show I sent Bob Betts a link to my flickr photos. Now I know Bob, he’s a friend, and he has in the past published a couple of my and my sister’s photos from a Blondie show. I figured he’d want to use a photo or two, it was hard to get good photos in that lighting, and having to rely heavily on my zoom.

I was pretty damn shocked when a couple of days after the show Bob sent me an email asking for a headshot and bio because he was using a photo of mine on the cover.

Today my copy of issue 31 of The Blondie Review arrived in the mail, and I was blown away, not only did Bob put one of my photos on the cover, he put one on the inside back cover, AND gave me a two page spread in the magazine with a picture of me, and not just a bio, but a short story about me from his perspective. I am deeply honored that Bob used my photos, and touched by his extremely kind words about me.

Anyone who is interested may buy a copy of the magazine “TBR issue 31” through the link. Please note that ALL profits go to charities that Debbie Harry supports and that this magazine is the only band authorized fanzine.

Please consider buying a copy.

PS The blog post is the title of a Blondie song.