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Lionel’s Imaginary Day…

So my buddy Lionel aka @LyleDAL has been staying on me to keep busy with my recent life changes and not be stuck at home, so each time I have to go into the city for an appointment or interview, I’ve been trying to find ways to keep myself there longer and do something, whether it’s just walking around snapping photos, or staying and having lunch or window shopping for ridiculously priced sunglasses.

So in the interest of appeasing him and for the chance to tease him, I give you:
Lionel’s Imaginary Day in Manhattan.

We’ll start with lunch, since no humane day begins before noon… Curry in a Hurry at the corner of 28th & Lex was our destination of choice.

I decided to have some chicken tikka masala, & vegetable curry Lyle had the Uttapaam with soup & we shared the rice and naan.

From there we had to pop next door because Lionel did not believe that a place of wonder, and spice and hot sauces, could really exist. He didn’t believe in Kalustyan’s!

After proving the existence of Kalustyan’s, I also got Lionel to admit that the Tooth Fairie & Easter Bunny also exist. He has seen the light.

We continued our day heading towards Bryant Park and just happened to pass by Macy*s in Herald Square.. Well, when Miss Lionel saw they were having their annual flower show I heard the kind of squeal that normally only comes from teenage girls. He dragged me by the arm and ran inside to see the “Bouquet of the Day.”

He hyperventilated so hard he feinted.

When he finally came to we were asked to leave by security, and continued on our trek to the park.

At last we arrived, used the free wifi and relaxed in the sun.

As we were leaving we stopped to pay our respects to St. Gertude and called it a day.

And thus concludes Lionel’s Imaginary Day in Manhattan.

Please note the above is entirely a work of fiction because as Merlene says…

The gauntlet is down Lionel, I await your reply.