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I should be reading a recipe right now… (Locavore part 2)

Instead I’m searching for better quality, lower-priced olive oil.

It turns out that the stuff the school uses is local, but not organic. I can get organic from Spain, via Amazon for a significant savings, a bit over 5 cents an ounce less, I did the math based on a ‘bottle a week habit’ and the school would save over $80 a year, and that doesn’t count using the school’s associates code and earning a 4-10% commission on the sale.

I have a feeling I’ll be having a conversation on my views about locavorism with the school founder very shortly. Although she did say she’d get whichever I liked better, I want her to feel comfortable about the purchase as well.

We all have our own moral compass and if she feels really strongly about it being local, over organic, I’ll probably cede to her wishes on this one, in part because olive trees aren’t heavily sprayed to begin with.

Of course it could also come down to the quality of the oil (as it really should when costs are similar). I’ll be sure to let you know which decision is made, and why.