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Detroit Part 4 – Greektown & Departure

For some reason this never posted, so better late then never.

Greektown We came to eat. We found LAIKON Authentic Greek food, everything was awesome.

Saganaki (missed it while it was flaming)

Lamb platter

Kalamari (Consumed so fast I was lucky there was this much left for a photo)

Spanika.... can't spell it
Spanika…. can’t spell it

And so much more… my friends took blurry photos of their food.

From here we walked to a bakery, got some pastries, and exhaustion hit us all. We headed back to our hotel for an evening of drinking and hanging out.

Sunday we were supposed to have a schmancy brunch, but our “in” got stranded in Ohio and this wasn’t the sort of place we could afford to pay for….so we went to a Coney Island instead. Scratching your head? Coney Island is in Brooklyn?. Aside from being a run down (shithole of an) amusement park in NYC a Coney Island or Coney is Detroit-ese for a diner, they don’t have diners they have Coneys. I was not in functioning human form that morning due to a bout of insomnia the night before, amazing considering the volume of alcohol we consumed while playing “What the F*ck” So I don’t have much to say about that culinary experience other than carbs + protein helped, after an afternoon nap and a quick stop to say good-bye to Clarice (Hello Clarice) I was off to the airport, to head home.

Detroit do this city with a guide that lives there and you too can have a blast

Lastly, DTW is a ghost town on Sunday evenings, it’s like they just close everything up, which meant there was no place to drink when the flight got delayed two hours…