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Detroit Part 3 – LOCO’S Bar & Grill & The Downtown Tour

Cocktails! About time too, all that walking around in the morning, sheesh. I swear, I walked by some people at a sidewalk cafe who were having bloody mary’s and I pointed and said loudly “Now that’s what we need” … alas they made me wait until damned near mid afternoon. How thoughtless!

The Gang meeting up and having afternoon cocktails
Group Shot
Why yes, I am pulling back Leigh’s shirt to give all the guys a better shot of her boobs. You’re welcome guys.

From here a few people had to depart, but after a few rounds we got on the People Mover and then did a walking tour of downtown.
Stargate DTW
Stargate DTW (yeah, I'm a nerd)

Did you know that Detroit has a Stargate of its very own?

The Fist
That’s a mighty big fist!


At first I thought these were instructions in the event of a National Emergency
Tunnel to Canada
Then I realized, that someone had planned ahead and actually dug one.

After our walking tour, we went to Greektown for dinner. That’s up next.