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Detroit Part 1 РArrival and Polish Village Caf̩

Detroit – Lyrics by Marcella Detroit aka Marcy Levy

Detroit — I can hear your motor humming Don’t you know I’m coming home to you Detroit — Where the simple things are free And everything you need Is there for you, there for you….


Why Detroit? Why not Detroit?

The real answer is because I have friends there and having a fun weekend away was much needed.

I arrived Friday afternoon and quickly discovered that DTW is a pretty cool airport,


I was 2/3 of the way through the tunnel before I even thought to get my camera out and start snapping the pictures, it’s just that damn cool.

Friday afternoon I was given a driving tour of some of the seedier parts of town, and a run through some of the downtown area to get highlights of what to do over the weekend.

Friday evening was dinner at The Polish Village Café in Hamtramck, this was some seriously good food, no chefs in this restaurant just 5 Babcia’s (grandmothers) making traditional Polish food.

I had the Potato Pancake (plate sized) covered with Pork Goulash

amazingly good, tasty, FILLING, but that didn’t stop me from having some of the strawberry pierogies for dessert. Delicious.

Here’s what everyone else was eating.

(Yeah, Rob is a perv and arranged his food like that for the photo)

And dessert! Strawberry Pierogies!