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Detroit Part 2 – Eastern Market

Detroit – Lyrics by Marcella Detroit aka Marcy Levy

This town aims at you like a gun She never misses anyone She’ll chew you up and spit you out The rest you can borrow Detroit I can hear your motor humming Don’t you know I’m coming home to you Detroit Where a man can be a man All you need to understand Is there for you, there for you….

Saturday morning we headed off to the Eastern Market a Farmer’s Market that’s been around for 203 years! And just about everything you could imagine available for the asking.

One of many veggie stalls

local honey

Olive Oil
Around the perimeter of the farm stalls are numerous shops, food, nuts, cheeses, meats, and even some antiques.

After a couple of hours of walking the market, and buying wine, cheeses, nuts, veggies and a few other things, we ended up at the Milano Bakery for lunch, gorgeous day so we sat outside.
We also procured a number of sweet treats for later in the day.

From here we go off for a walking tour of Downtown Detroit, but not before having some cocktails.

To be continued.