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Happy New Year

I’m not one for making resolutions, in fact I’ve only ever kept one, the one where I resolved to never make another New Year’s Resolution (ha ha ha, no I’m serious, it’s been about 15 years). That doesn’t mean I’m not interested in change or planning. 2009 is about change for me. I’ve been planning […]

It’s written in the sand…

Happy Thanksgiving to EVERYONE! Today I did a SCUBA dive, I swam with fishes, I chased a pufferfish trying to get it to blow up, I saw a 4ft Moray Eel, its mouth opened wide, I saw thousands upon thousands of tropical fish, I walked a beach, I saw a gorgeous sunset, I called my […]

Music on the beach

Hola Amigos! Tweet

I’m not one to gloat but…

Maybe just for tonight… I’m too emotional to put up my thoughts about this historic event and what I feel is needed next, so for tonight all I can manage is “SUCK IT NEOCONS!” (I don’t know where the photo comes from to give credit, if anyone does please let me know so I may […]

Blog Action Day Post – Poverty

I lived in Los Angeles from 1987 until 2002, for much of that time I was involved with a group called “Under The Bridges And On The Streets” their mission was and is to bring food to the homeless where they live. It went like this, one Saturday a month a group of us would […]

Pistachio & Chorizo Cake

Recently David Lebovitz posted a version of this recipe that he adapted from Chocolate & Zucchini. I have to say this is an excellent savory snack cake, perfect for afternoon nibbles, cocktail parties and picnics. I made it for a day with the family and put it out with cheeses and meats for everyone to […]

Saying Good-bye to Mother’s

Mother’s cookies has closed their doors and filed for bankruptcy protection. For those of us who spent any time on the west coast these cookies were a tradition. I’m not a fan of the frosted animal cookies. I LOVED the chocolate chip cookies, ever since moving back to the east coast I’ve missed them, I’ve […]

Wilde’s Tomb

Oscar Wilde’s TombGerman tourists adding to the desecration of Wilde’s tomb. Music by Edith Piaf “Enfin le Printemps” The tomb of literary genius Oscar Wilde in Pere le Chaise Cemetery, Paris. If you’re reading this in an RSS feed and don’t see the video, click through for it. Tweet

Train through the Belgian Countryside

Train ride through the Belgian countrysideOn the train from Bruges to Paris. – Music Jacques Brel “Il y a” On the train from Bruges to Paris back in May I decided to pull out the Flip and get a little scenery on video. Music is by the Belgian/French singer Jacques Brel. Be kind this is […]

The Sahara Hotel & Casino – To Be Avoided

I don’t normally use this as a platform to complain, some notable exceptions like being ripped off in Paris aside. But this time I have to share and hopefully prevent others from making the mistake of staying at the Sahara Hotel & Casino in Las Vegas. This is how the Sahara describes their rooms: “The […]