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The Sahara Hotel & Casino – To Be Avoided

I don’t normally use this as a platform to complain, some notable exceptions like being ripped off in Paris aside.

But this time I have to share and hopefully prevent others from making the mistake of staying at the Sahara Hotel & Casino in Las Vegas.

This is how the Sahara describes their rooms:

“The Sahara Hotel & Casino features more than 1,700 tastefully appointed rooms and suites, many with fantastic views of the beautiful city lights. They are among the most comfortable and spacious on The Strip, with rooms ranging from 308 to 324 square feet and suites ranging from 667 to 786 square feet.

Every room, with a king or two double beds, features central heating and cooling, and recently renovated deluxe rooms and are equipped with individually controlled climate systems.”

I can assure you that almost NONE of that is true. Here’s the truth of their rooms. They are disgusting, dirty, decrepit, and in serious disrepair.

Here’s what our room looked like.

You can view more full sized photos here.

The hotel should be torn down and something, anything better put in its place.