Playing With My Food ~
A journal about food, thought, travel, and life; by Chef & Raconteur Chaz French.

Busy, Tired, Or Lazy?

A little bit of each, I’ve got plenty to say, but life has been busy, which makes me tired, (let’s not even get into the insomnia where I was cleaning until 4:30am), and yeah, lazy, I’ll admit it, I’m lazy, I just want to relax in my spare time, which really fucks with wanting to have a good, up to date blog, with talk of travel and food… My diet (Atkins) isn’t helping in the food/recipe category, and the lack of travel is affecting that aspect as well.

There is news on the travel front, I’ve got a trip to Ithaca, NY coming up Labor Day weekend, and Thanksgiving I’m going to Ixtapa, Mexico just because I feel a deep need to get away from everyone and everything I know, and sit on a beach, specifically on the Pacific, and just relax, which for me includes swimming with dolphins and para-sailing, in addition to just sitting in a lounge chair on the beach and snapping my fingers for a waiter to bring me another drink… There is also a super-double-secret-probation trip coming up, but I can’t talk about that. (And it’s not where anyone thinks it may be).

Food-wise I’ve got ideas for a couple of new cheesecakes, and a couple of pasta dishes, but.. the diet…. I’ve got 40lbs to go which means I can’t stray if I want to look non-orca on the beaches of Ixtapa. I promise to redouble and even re-triple my efforts to do more low-carb recipes and also write more about my move to local foods, as I can… it isn’t easy or cheap but I’m trying.