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Baked Sundays: Banana Bar Bites

Banana Bar Bites

I really have to apologize for going all ‘Food Porn” on my Baked Sundays posts, but here we are with another experiment that is almost perfect, but I need to verify the recipe works one more time before sharing it.

My goal today was simple, bake something fresh with ingredients on hand, no trips to the store and no fucking chocolate or oranges (wee bit tired of both).

So yes, the recipe has to wait, and I’ll be doing some baking with friends over the next week so this and the chocolate cake are priorities to get final testing and posted.

Here’s what they looked like right out of the pan.
Uncut Banana Bar Bites

I think going forward I’m going to have to bake 2 things on Sundays, one an experiment, and one final test so I can have recipes right away.

Happy Baked Sunday!