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Baked Sundays, a little early

Hola!  So while I will be baking on Sunday, the site will be undergoing some background maintenance and I won’t be able to post tomorrow’s baking until Monday.  And yes, I said a little early up top because, I have for you test 2 and 3 of the chocolate cake from last week’s BS.

Chocolate Cake Test 2 & 3
In this side by side they both have a variation on German chocolate cake frosting, spread around the sides; this one is thicker, grainier and tastes like Girls Scout “Samoas” cookies.

Cake 2

This time as I measured by cup, I also weighed stuff out, and rounded in ways that made sense. The result was two much denser cakes, and while I liked them, they’re not quite what I was after, so I need to make some additional revisions, and I already know which things need to get changed, thanks to copious note taking.

I’ll be working on something different tomorrow for the proper BS post, something not chocolate, or orange.

Until then, Happy Baking!