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French Food for Thought

Our countries may have had a few difficult years, and some people out there are still pissed off about France not paying its WWII debt to the U.S. for rebuilding France, but everyone needs to STFU and remember that the United States and France have been intertwined in our democracies since before either of them […]

Some Lovely Photos…


Photos, photos, photos

My index finger is a Japanese tourist on the shutter button. Click for larger. Tweet

Post Paris…

Last year I looked at Paris, and France in general with eyes of wonder, and a joy from finally realizing my dream of going there, I enjoyed it so much so that I began to think about the possibility of living there ‘someday’. A year later I return and this time I’m looking at Paris […]

Rained Out

It’s been raining, since Friday, often at times pouring torrential downpours. I did some retail therapy this morning, but that isn’t holding off the depression that’s setting in from the rain. I took out my camera once while out today, during a brief break in the rain when I saw this. Made it back to […]

More Photos

I have a bunch of things to say, just need to get the thoughts out, in the mean time here are some more photos. Click for larger versions. Tweet

25 Mai, 2007

Not much to say today, so I’ll post some photos from this morning. If I have time later, I’ll post some from the thunderstorm. Charles Tweet

Epicerie ‘Rip Off’ Papillon

The Tourist Rip. Well, it’s bound to happen once on every trip, but only the once. I wasn’t on my guard, I’d had 2 hours sleep in the last 24, I had just landed, was starving, and had dealt with having my bags not turn up at CDG with my flight. After taking care of […]


I’ve made it to Paris. Found me some wifi, and am now off to find some food and water. Read the rest below. (yes, I know the double meaning of the post’s title.) Tweet

How to see London in 30 seconds…

Heathrow – A Dead Heat I’ll start off by being polite, the employees of British Airways are exceptionally polite, the are the epitome of British. And for airline food I must say it was actually quite more than edible and even tasty (save that attempt at chocolate mousse that tasted like cake icing)…. No more […]