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Epicerie ‘Rip Off’ Papillon

The Tourist Rip.

Well, it’s bound to happen once on every trip, but only the once. I wasn’t on my guard, I’d had 2 hours sleep in the last 24, I had just landed, was starving, and had dealt with having my bags not turn up at CDG with my flight.

After taking care of the hunger, we went around the corner to a store I’d remembered from last year and knew it would carry a few basics that would hold my mother over until her bag arrived. She picked up a small can of hairspray and a few other things and as he was ringing things up I saw him ring €8.50 and a bell went off in the back of my head, but lack of sleep… etc..

When I got back to the hotel and took a closer look, I saw that, that bastard rang up €8.50 when the price tag was 850 Francs… Which is about €1.30.

So there, I’ve been ripped off by some asshole who thinks it’s okay to rip off tourists. What that fucker doesn’t know is that I’m here for 9 days and he’s just lost a substantial amount of business from me.

Enjoy your €8.50 Monsieur Proprietor of Epicerie Papillon at 9 rue Papillon 9eme Paris.

Douche Bag Rips Off Tourists

It’s not nice to rip off the tourists!