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What were they thinking?

Look, I’m no fashion icon, maven, clotheshorse (or clotheswhore) but I try to make sure I look decent when I leave the house, and it just boggles my brain when people leave their homes looking like well, this.

Now, we’re not even going to talk about the tackiness of the bra strap showing like that, this one is all about that color.   Seriously WTF!  Now, I can see how something like that might be useful when running at night on a dark country road, it certainly has its place, a very limited one.  But this was broad daylight.  That is not fashion, it is not proper attire for wearing in public, and she should be sent to a correctional fashion institution.

Up Next…

This one is hard to see on the cellphone camera.  But here we go.  He’s wearing dark striped pants, with one of those already hideous blue and white stripe jackets, his tie is a third different stripe, and even his socks are striped.    You aren’t dapper buddy, you’re a disaster.

Thus ends today’s fashion ramblings.