Playing With My Food ~
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Sunday Breakfast, Mexican Style.

Pork & Egg Tacos

I had an awesome breakfast today!

What you’re looking at is carne marinated pork sauteed with kale, leek, and mushroom, alongside some scrambled eggs with a bit of Tapatio hotsauce, over La Mexicana soft corn tortillas.  I’ve been told repeatedly “La Mexicana” is the best in the bay area.  Damn good tortillas, I just threw them onto the flame on the stove and got them warm and browned a bit.  Only thing missing for me was a bit of cilantro and lime, I was fresh out, but my breakfast was truly delicous, and healthy.  That breakfast fueled me through 11.5 miles of biking around Berkeley and along the SF Bay Trail today.  And it only took about 15 minutes to pull it all together.

There was meant to be a Baked Sundays post, but sadly I’m an idiot and didn’t think to take pictures or actually write about the crackers I was experimenting with today, and didn’t want to write about the cheesecake failure, it was delicious, it just wasn’t perfected.