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So, about that job…

I got it!

Starting February first, I am the new Chef at Golestan Kids.

From their ‘about’ page: “We know that our children are our future, and as such we must help them become well-informed, compassionate, and multilingual citizens with integrity and a firm cultural foundation. Education, be it linguistic, intellectual, or cultural, is a necessary part of helping children become this type of citizen.

We began this program because we had a great need and nothing like it existed in the area. As bilingual children go to traditional American schools, they typically lose their native-tongues. This presents a big dilemma for bi-cultural families, single parents, as well as dual income families.

Golestan provides an education that rivals the best progressive programs in the United States, while offering a fully immersed environment where children do not feel self-conscious about speaking Persian/Farsi.”

I am honored to become a part of the family at this school.