Playing With My Food ~
A journal about food, thought, travel, and life; by Chef & Raconteur Chaz French.

Sauteed Beet Greens

1 bunch beet greens – stems removed, chopped, washed thoroughly.
1 small shallot minced – about 2 tablespooons
3 cloves garlic – minced
2TB olive oil
1TB butter
1TB creamy horseradish
3TB heavy cream
1/2 cup water
Salt & Pepper to taste

Sautee the garlic and shallot in the olive oil and butter until golden
add the greens, stir.
add the water and cover

Simmer on medium for 20 to 25 minutes stirring occasionally.

Add the horseradish and cream, and stir to incorporate.

Serves 2 as a small side-dish.

beet greens