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Is something I didn’t think I would do, fear of heights and all that, but my Mexican Escape was all about firsts and trying new things, that is not what got me up in the air… It was the 2 margaritas before noon (what? vacation = no rules) and the third one shortly after with a lite lunch, and well…

I walked up to the guys on the beach, asked how much, and went for it. So here we go….


Preperation, instructions, and suit up, cross check and…

Away we go.
Away we go, 3 steps later and…


I’m airborne, no aborting this mission.

I got a 10 minute ride around the northern end of Ixtapa, the marina, did a wide turn and headed back.
heading back
This is a good point in the post to tell you what it was and what it wasn’t. It wasn’t scary, at all. It wasn’t exhilarating, aside from take off and landing, those were a little… But once you’re up, it’s peaceful, the only things you hear are the speedboat a couple hundred feet below and in front of you, and the wind whipping by your ears. It’s calming and an interesting way to get a look at the area. I will do this again. it was pretty awesome.


And Landing.