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Montien Thai Cuisine

I first ate at MTC the late fall of 1984, back when it was on Broadway about a block and a half north of the now defunct 4 storey Tower records. It was my first exposure to the chili pepper, cilantro, and many other ingredients. MTC is where I discovered Thai cuisine and mouth searing heat that makes you sweat, shake, gulp ice water, wave down a waiter for more water and plunge right back into your food.

In all my years in Los Angeles, I never found a place as good as MTC, Chan Darae (on Caheunga) came close, but no match. Every visit I would make to see my family would include a trip to MTC with friends.

About six years ago they moved to their current East Village location, the food remains as good as ever, and I go whenever I can.

I normally opt for spring rolls, pad thai and calamari. or if I’m in the mood for hot I’ll go with Yum Talay a spicy grilled seafood dish. The hot pot for two was something the Cathy & I would share on cold winter nights, a steaming cauldron of broth brought to the table with hot coals inside and raw meats, veggies and seafood to cook in the broth to your liking.

This trip I was solo and went with the Fried Calamari, which was served with matchsticked deep fried Taro.
Calimari with Taro
The calamari was crisp, yet tender, almost succulent, just the right heat in the batter to make you thirst…

So of course, I can’t eat Thai and not have a Sing Ha, it just wouldn’t be right.
Sing Ha

I took my time with the menu this trip wanting to try something I’ve never had before so Pad Kratiem it was!
Pad Kratiem

Chicken, lightly breaded and sauteed in a garlic sauce with onion and black pepper, and served on a bed of salad. It was a very mild almost sweet dish, the chicken was juicy and delicate. Served with a bowl of rice on the side, it was a delicious meal.

MTC 90 3rd Ave (bet 12th & 13th streets) Go. Eat. Drink. Be Merry!
Dining Room
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