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So I haven’t really been talking or writing much about my trip to Mexico, it’s on, and I leave tomorrow.  I’m getting very excited as there are a number of things that are ‘Firsts’ for me planned.

First, it’s my first trip to ‘real’ Mexico, as opposed to going to Tiajuana or Ensenada as a day trip.  Friday I’m scheduled to go snorkeling which I’ve never done, as part of the snorkeling trip there’s Catamaran involved for transporation and a ride up in a spinakker.  Saturday I’m taking a class and doing my first ever dive.  Not sure what I’m doing Sunday,  it may be something I have done before, like riding a bicycle down a path along the beach, but it’ll still be a first time for the location.

Whatever I do, it’s going to be a welcome respite from the drudgery and dullness of a normal week in and around Manhattan. 

It’s also going to be in mid 90’s and sunny, hate me if you must :-P