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Desire, Determination, & Education

This was me:


Nine months before attending the Chef’s Training Program at the Natural Gourmet Institute. This was when I decided to start losing weight, I made good progress by the time I started at NGI (Disclosure the above photo was before I even knew I’d be going to culinary school, much less NGI!)

This is me nine months after.

Hello you skinny bitch
And that is what Desire, Determination, and Education can do for you.

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Topics: Slow Food

Work it, Believe it, Learn it!


I was a bit sleepy when I wrote this post and there are notes to be made.
My starting weight was 270lbs (122 kilos, 19.25 stone)
After the first photo was taken I began to lose weight by

  • Walking
  • Eating smaller portions
  • Eating more slowly
  • Seeing a Nutriotionist
  • Seeing a Psychiatrist

By the time I’d started at Natural Gourmet I was down 40lbs, and when I took this photo in January 2010 I was down 53lbs
When I finished at Natural Gourmet, my weight loss had plateaued but I was still losing inches.
As I started my apprenticeship at Three Stone Hearth and started learning, cooking and eating more Weston A. Price style food, I began to more rapidly lose inches and from working in a large volume kitchen, I started gaining muscle.
The 2nd photo (above) was taken April 3, 2011, I weighed in at 204 recently, but my new bicycle is causing me to gain muscle faster than I’m losing what’s left of the fat, so the weight is inching up, even while the body is still slimming down.

Believe it or not, I still have 15lbs of fat to go.