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Dessert – Easy Peasy.

Well, first off this is my first attempt at making a food video, it is thankfully, silent.

I was inspired by a story about crepes over at NPR. Crepes are of course notoriously easy, and notoriously a pain in the ass. Sure simple enough in theory, but no thanks I’ll stick to the cheat I used in the video.

Enjoy, and add some whipped cream on top.

  • Seana

    Looks really tasty.

    What exactly is in Nutella?

  • Charles

    Seana, it’s a chocolate hazelnut spread.

  • Seana

    Oh my, now is looks even tastier :-)

  • Leigh

    Looks fabulous, Chazzy. Of course, I expect nothing less. :)

  • Charles

    As to why it’s silent, that decision was made when shooting the Nutella, a shrieking voice came over the loudspeaker in the shop, pretty much right over my head… Then there’s the profanity when the banana slices didn’t want to come out of their little mise en place bowl.

  • Lionel L.

    Looks tasty, definitely simple, but maybe a bit sweet? That was a lot of Nutella! I love the video though. Next time? Keep it silent but add old timey silent film text!