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Stock Options…

If you’re like me and use stocks and broths to enhance the flavor of other foods more often than using them to make a soup you may find yourself, as I do, with boxes of broth in the fridge that inevitably go bad before you can use them up.

I found an easy solution to my problem by freezing them into ice cubes. You’ll need to identify how much each cube in your tray holds so you can get the right amounts for your recipes, I was lucky in that my 2 16 cube trays held exactly one 32 ounce box of broth letting me know that each cube was 1 ounce. I bag them by 4’s in snack bags and then put those into a larger freezer bag for protection.

I have the same issue with cans of chipotles, I rarely make anything that requires more than one, and it’s silly to waste an entire can for that, so I took a 7 ounce can and split it up into an ice cube tray, I left a little room in each and then floated some veggie broth over them to protect the chilis from freezer burn. It has worked out great. You can blend your chipotles first if you want an even amount of chili & sauce in each cube.

Last week I made some cous cous and wanted a little heat, so I took a cube and tossed it into the water that was boiling for the cous cous. Perfection.

Photos from this post can be found in the Freezing Broth set on Flickr.

Frozen Chipotles