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Reims, which is pronounced Rance (Like France without the F)…

Reims is a pretty city, but it is also a bit spread out, it’s not as easily walkable as Dijon is to see all the cool stuff, in fact we saw very little of the ‘cool stuff’ because of this. The shite weather didn’t help either, but weather is weather and you have to make do, as we had been doing so often through this vacation.

For those of you that don’t know Reims (Rance) is the capital of the Champagne region, in Reims there is also the Cathedral Notre Dame (of Reims, as opposed to the HUNDREDS of other Notre Dames in France) where more than 50 Kings of France were crowned.

It is a lovely city, and much less of a tourist trap than some parts of France. There will be multiple posts about Reims, this one deals with Champagne.

That said, I’m not posting everything here, if you want to see all of the photos from France, you should look at my Flickr account. Which is here (p).

The assorted sizes of Taittinger, I brought home a normal size, but in a label they don’t sell outside of France.

Descending to the caves.

There are 92,000 bottles of Champagne in this photo.

Bottles aging.


Caves carved out of chalk 1,800 years ago.

Outside the caves.

Another long row of Champagne bottles.

Roman era pick-axe markings circa 3rd Century.

Another cave full of Magnums.

This bottle was made to commision a ship (there were ten made in total for posterity) it contains the equivalent of 35 bottles of Champagne.

We now move on to Historic Reims (Rance).