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Oxtail tacos with cuitlacoche, goat cheese, and salsa verde

Oxtail Tacos

Cuitlacoche is a fungus that grows on corn, in the United States, the FDA has gone to great lengths to eliminate this blight known as “Corn Smut,” in parts of Mexico they intentionally inoculate corn with the spores that deform the kernels and grow these fungal tumors.  They are intensely delicious, and they’re now being ‘marketed’ as either Mexican Truffle or Corn Truffle and a 15oz can will set you back about $13.  Cuitlacoche is available from

You saute them before use, I did these with a little butter and cooked until it was mostly a smooth paste with some corn kernels visible.


As with many delicious things, it isn’t pretty.  I smeared a teaspoon or so onto my corn tortillas, then added the beer braised oxtail meat, the salsa verde and topped it off with the goat cheese and a squeeze of lime.   Amazing!

Next post will be the recipe for the salsa verde I made tonight.