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In the Words of Senator Ted Kennedy…

“No member of the LGBT community should be terrified to walk down the street for fear of hateful violence. Hate crimes perpetrators must not be allowed to place our communities in fear.” (Statement on Matthew Shepard Hate Crimes Prevention Act, 2009)

“Hate crimes are a form of domestic terrorism. They send the poisonous message that some Americans deserve to be victimized solely because of who they are” (Statement on hate crimes, 2007)

“America stands for justice for all. Congress must make clear that when we say “all” we mean all. America will never be America until we do.”(Statement on ENDA, 2007)

“It is wrong for our civil laws to deny any American the basic right to be part of a family, to have loved ones with whom to build a secure future and share life’s joys and tears, and to be free from the stain of bigotry and discrimination.” (Statement on the Federal Marriage Amendment, 2006)

“While we have come a long way, we still face major challenges in responding to this devastating disease in communities across the country… [N]o state by itself can provide the significant resources to help persons living with HIV disease obtain the medical and support services they need. The Ryan White CARE Act is indispensible…We know that the CARE Act has made a difference not only in the lives of persons with HIV/AIDS, but also in the lives of countless loved ones who have seen despair turn to hope through the support of CARE Act services.” (Statement on the Ryan White CARE Act Reauthorization, 2000)

“We all know what this issue is about. It’s not about how to protect the sanctity of marriage, or how to deal with activist judges. It’s about politics and an attempt to drive a wedge between one group of citizens and the rest of the country, solely for partisan advantage. We’ve rejected that tactic before, and I’m hopeful that we will do so again. I’m also hopeful that many of our Republican colleagues – those with whom we’ve worked over the years on a bipartisan basis to expand and defend the civil rights of gay and straight Americans alike – will join us in rejecting this divisive effort.” (Statement on the Federal Marriage Amendment, 2004).

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Now I understand why I’ve felt such an inexplicable, deep, personal loss with his passing.