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Escape TO New York

yeah, yeah, yeah, I know, I’ve got that whole I LOATHE NY site, this isn’t about NYC. This is about upstate NY, Ithaca and the Finger Lakes area.

As previously mentioned my Hippie friends finally left Texas and moved to the Ithaca area, which makes them much closer, and cheaper to get to, but not any faster… By Greyhound it was supposed to be 5 hours each way it took 7 to get there and 8 to get back. Teach me to try to flee the city on a Holiday weekend.

Ithaca itself I didn’t spend a lot of time in, aside from an afternoon of shopping and eating, The Mahogany Grill should be avoided at all costs. The appetizer we had Baked brie in walnuts with caramel sauce and apples was delicious and the beer was good, the rest not worth the time, money or calories. My advice, go there for the brie and a beer and go elsewhere for dinner.

The Ithaca Market is just awesome, not just a farmer’s market, there’s prepared food, wood carving, wool, handmade glass jewelry, and wine. I bought two bottlles from a Cayuga lake winery, (when, when will I remember to write down the F*cking wines I buy….) I can’t remember the winery’s name, I can remember I bought an un-oaked Chardonnay that was the closest thing to Chablis I’ve had outside of France, and a Rose that was dry and delicious. $1 to taste 6 wines, isn’t bad, and the credit you if you buy.

Most of my time was spent hanging out a very rural setting with minimal anything, eating delicious homemade organic foods, and just relaxing. Not a lot of pics to share, but here’s a sampling.

(No, I’m not actually choking the chicken).

I’ll have more to write about this area as time goes on. Being able to see my friends more often is going to be awesome, and I’ll get to explore the area through the seasons.