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Eating Well: Tuna Radicchio Salad

Tuna & Radicchio Salad

So, “Eating Well For One On A Budget” is way too long to put in most post titles, and EWFOOAB is an ugly shortening, so, we’re just going to call the series “Eating Well” from here out so the dish name can be in the title too.

First, yes this is a full and filling meal, that is a full-sized dinner plate in that photo and it was delicious.

Now the costs

Okay so that’s a bit pricey for a simple dinner for one, I bought the good tuna as a splurge, you can get much less expensive, dolphin safe tuna, or splurge once in a while.  I rarely eat tuna fish, and had a sudden craving, so I spent a bit more.  This is still far better than any take out or fast food, in quality and price.

Putting it all together:
Rinse all your produce.
Chop radicchio* and arrange on plate.
With each of the vegetables, except the cornichon, chop/slice most of each into bite size pieces.  Save a little of each veg and dice that finely along with the cornichons to go into the tuna.   Arrange the chopped vegetables over the radicchio, drizzle the olive oil and vinegar over the salad.  Take the diced veg and pickles and place that in a bowl with the tuna and mayo, mix with a fork and flake the tuna, then add salt and pepper and mix.  Place the tuna over the salad.  Slice some bread, toast it if you want, and add spread the goat cheese over it.  Enjoy!

*I’m using Radicchio de Treviso which is why it looks different from regular radicchio.