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Things are afoot, again!

Today, I booked two trips, one for next weekend, is the first of many to come, to Ithaca, NY where my dear friends Tom & Sue have relocated from San Antonio. The second trip was my purely selfish, and entirely needed solo getaway to Ixtapa/Zihuatenejo for Thanksgiving weekend. I’m so jazzed about these trips. And […]

Texas: The Long Good-Bye…

Texas, prior to 2005 it was on my visited map because it met my standard rule of inclusion which is, you just can’t drive through, you have to stop and do something, and in summer of 2002 I was taking one of many cross-country trips on a Greyhound bus, when I met a nice travel-mate […]

A final note on Paris…

As well as France in general, this is the one a certain Aussie in London has been waiting for. THE FOOD. Oh the food, the food, the fucking glorious food. It is beyond words, though I’ll try, beyond joy, beyond eating anywhere else in the world. France puts a value on even the most basic […]

The View From Here…

At long last, and yes I know you’ve been waiting on these. Here we reach the end of the trip the view from The Eiffel Tower at night. Enjoy. Charles Tweet

Tour Eiffel At Night

Sorry for the lapse, got busy. Here are my photos of the Eiffel Tower at night. Charles Next up The View From Here. Tweet

Around the Louvre

Squirt Tweet

At the Louvre

You can’t take pictures in the Italian & Spanish paintings wing, so no shots of the Mona Lisa or any of the other magnificent pieces of art in that area, but we’ve got lots of other pics. Why yes, this is my throne. Tweet

Back to Paris

Meanwhile, back in Paris the weather got better and we got our asses all over the city. Tweet

And yes, more Dijon

I take a lot of photos, and what is going up here is only a small part of what’s even online, and an even smaller part of what’s on my MacBook… Yes, I take some nice photos, and I’m good with an editor and the ‘crop’ function, but there’s a shit-ton of pics that don’t […]

Dijon a city of doorways…

I love entryways, and in Dijon there were so many that were open, or just gorgeous that I took a bunch of photos of entryways… Enjoy. Tweet