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Look out Paris, here we come…

By the time this posts we’ll be somewhere over the Atlantic. The French being such kind and wonderful people have planned a general strike of the Bus & Rail services for our arrival. We are honoured that they would take this occasion to honor us with our first French Labor Strike. We greatly look forward […]

And the countdown has begun…

I booked the trip to Paris this morning.  My sister Cathy and I depart on May 21st and return on June 1st giving us 10 days to explore the city in more depth than on the previous trips.   We’ll be staying in the Montparnasse area right on the border of the 14th & 6th arrondissements.  […]

Food, glorious, delicious, tasty, spicy, FOOD!

I can’t go somewhere and not end up writing about the food, and the trip to Ixtapa/Zihuatanejo is no exception. I had some really great food on this trip. I didn’t take a lot of pictures of food this time, I know, bad me, bad *spank* but I’ve got some. My favorite place of all […]


Is something I didn’t think I would do, fear of heights and all that, but my Mexican Escape was all about firsts and trying new things, that is not what got me up in the air… It was the 2 margaritas before noon (what? vacation = no rules) and the third one shortly after with […]



First Impressions…

Hola from warm and humid Ixtapa, Guerrero, Mexico. Upon arriving in Mexico City where I had to change planes, I was … well let me back up…. As we were coming in for a landing I saw all these pretty colors everywhere!!! All the building were painted in bold, vibrant colors. Me Likey! The landing […]


So I haven’t really been talking or writing much about my trip to Mexico, it’s on, and I leave tomorrow.  I’m getting very excited as there are a number of things that are ‘Firsts’ for me planned. First, it’s my first trip to ‘real’ Mexico, as opposed to going to Tiajuana or Ensenada as a […]

The Rude Waiter

So while at the Feast of San Gennaro we decided to stop off and have some Sangria and share an appetizer at a restaurant. The temporary dining space on the street was packed, inside the restaurant was a little better, but there was also a back patio. I requested the patio so we could enjoy […]

Escape TO New York

yeah, yeah, yeah, I know, I’ve got that whole I LOATHE NY site, this isn’t about NYC. This is about upstate NY, Ithaca and the Finger Lakes area. As previously mentioned my Hippie friends finally left Texas and moved to the Ithaca area, which makes them much closer, and cheaper to get to, but not […]

Autumn Arrives

So I’m going to post Summer Flowers as my good-bye to Summer. All of these photos were taken during my “Greather Ithaca Escape” more on that later. Tweet