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8 Random Things About Me

I’ve been tagged by Merlene to write a post with 8 random things about myself, so here we go.

I’ve hung out with Bronski Beat (post Somerville) after a show at a Gay Pride festival. Went to see Berlin with a friend and ended up hanging out with Terri Nunn and with said friend acted as her security for the evening. Dated a former publicist for Dionne Warwick and got to hang out with her after a show in Vegas, I met her son, her mother, and a prince from Africa. Mostly we sat around the bar of her dressing suite and talked for several hours. When we went to escort her to her elevator we met Burt Bacharach, and I went speechless, babbled and managed a “Thank You.” He left and I turned to Dionne and said “How is it I can talk to you for hours on end, but Mr. Bacharach comes by and I become a babbling idiot?”

Was taught to read at age 3, but couldn’t tie my shoes until I was 7. Today I’m a voracious reader and I wear Merrell Jungle Mocs & Birkenstocks and thusly don’t need to tie my shoes.

I’ve lived in 19 different apartments moving an average of every 2.1 years, and I am not a military brat. 5 of those apartments were in 2 buildings on the same street. Call me fickle, or whatever, I like a change of layout and views. Though, I’d sell an organ or two if I could have back my sweet studio at 1261 N. Laurel in West Hollywood.

Once baked over 3,330 chocolate chip cookies for charity in a 48 hour period over 3 days. I was in a standard kitchen with one oven, and only 2 cookie sheets.

From June – October of 2002 I traveled over 16,000 miles on Greyhound buses traversing the United States several times, in addition to this there was an additional 4,000 miles in a car during this same time.

I first got on-line in April of 1992, the weekend of the Rodney King Riots. I was on several local BBS’s, Prodigy, used a Netcom shell account for IRC.

I worked in the Adult Entertainment Industry for two and half years in the early 90’s. I was not the talent I worked back-office handling wholesale sales, and tracking order stats.

I call myself an Atheist, but I have a Guru.

Now my turn to tag some others….

I call on LyleDAL gooster & saxdiva