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24:21 of Perfect Techno

I’ve always been a big fan of the British Techno band Sunscreem.

From their first single “Love U More” from the album “O3” through numerous remixes, over several albums “Change or Die,” “New Dark Times,” and several compilations “Looking At You – The Club Anthems” “Ten Mile Bank”, “Out of the Woods”, and sporadic singles and videos.

But within all of this there is the most perfect 24 minutes and 21 seconds of Techno ever laid to tape/vinyl/CD what have you.

From the Looking At Youalbum starting with Track 6 “Exodus” (Rollo Mix), into “Cover Me” (Trouser Enthusiasts Mix) and ending with “Perfect Motion” (Jimmy Gomez Mix).

Within these three tracks there is an exuberance and exaltation of Techno, it is raised to (IMHO) its finest of moments as it drives you ever higher, ever faster, ever into ever into ever and into an aural orgasm that leaves you breathless and wanting for naught.

It is within those moments that I am able to completely let go of anything that may be bothering me, anything that could cause me to think of anything other than the moment, creating the moment, being the moment, anticipating the moment and being fully, wholly, with your entire being IN the moment.

I used those moments today as I was hitting a peak on the treadmill, a point where I felt I was too tired from my day, where I wanted to say ‘fuck it’ and just go home. Instead I switched my iPod over to these tracks and let them take me to heart pounding, breathless moments going faster and steeper on the treadmill, until they climaxed and left me at the ‘cool down’ phase of my exercise.

That’s just an example from today, I revel in those tracks for so much more, but today they were the difference between accomplishing my goals, and giving up…

Check them out.