Playing With My Food ~
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One of the things I love about cooking is learning something new, and sometimes learning just doesn’t come easy, a gap in my skills has always been my inability to make a decent omelette. Now not being good at something and having them consistently fail, over time, I stopped trying.

Last night I was hungry, really hungry and I needed food fast. And out of the blue I said “I’m making a damned omelette.”

Success, at long last! No longer will fluffy light omelettes taunt me from the egg carton. It was a delicious victory.

I discovered that a screaming hot pan and more butter than most people would admit to using* for 2 eggs was the trick. I don’t use non-stick (Teflon is nasty), so to pull this off in a stainless steel pan just makes the victory tastier.

*I used about 3 Tablespoons of French Butter.

  • Brandon Sharitt

    I use a lot more butter for eggs than most people anyway, so thay may contribute to my omelette making success. Lots of butter and a very hot cast iron skillet, I never did like cooking breakfast food in any other kind.

  • pasrozario

    I used to cook only with butter in college! I made the most amazing gratin dauphinoise with pounds of butter…. and lard.

    Baked salmon in a sauce of onions, ginger, garlic, wine, and plums. I’d leave out the onions the next time – interesting taste, though. Tart, sweet, and gingery.