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Politically INCORRECT

Quentin Tardatino

Originally uploaded by Charles French.

Fucking around on my Macbook with photobooth, I managed this, which I call “Quentin Tardatino”…. get over it, it’s funny.

  • indefensible

    You’re one handsome man. I’ma keep an eye on your site!

  • Charles

    You! I’m planning to see you in Melbin. I’ve dropped nearly 50lbs, and after the next 42 go, I’m going to need some new pics.

  • SpinnyNuNu

    I laughed :)

  • Merlene

    Tard indeed.

    Ok… the comments area is breaking up the layout.
    Gah… another thing on my to do list.

  • Merlene

    Yay… comments are fixed :)