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A journal about food, thought, travel, and life; by Chef & Raconteur Chaz French.

I got some mail today…



So much going on, no time to write. Seems to be the way life has become. There’s also this little side-project to get me to move to Squarespace, which has me not wanting to play in WordPress. So what’s going on? I finished culinary school. I’m moving from NYC to Berkeley, CA I’m starting an […]

Mark Zuckerberg is NOT a douche bag…

He’s a cunt. Zuckerberg Speaks! New Privacy Settings Coming to Facebook (But no Rollbacks) Tweet

I only wish I’d thought to make corn bread.

I made oven roasted (seared, then braised, then roasted) bbq pork ribs, the bbq flavor is all in the sauce. Served with roasted potatoes and carrots, and a nice roll oven toasted and buttered. Tweet

New Song

“I’ve been waiting for so long To come here now and sing this song…” This morning my buddy @mikeypod shared this video on Facebook. It took me back, watching the video, and for some reason it made the lyrics stand out once again for me, the way they did in 1983. “This is a song […]

Murder on a Sunday Afternoon

My hands are Murder Red. The results will be eaten. Salad of roasted beets, lemon zest, parsley oil, & crumbled chevre, currently being made. Tweet

Self revelation

Today, for the first time in my life, when faced with the question “Why do you want to work here?” I had an easy answer several paragraphs long, and could have gone on longer. That felt good. Tweet

Citrus & Spice Bread Pudding

Hate away, bitches, hate away… Recipe will come when it’s perfected, for now you can drool. Tweet

Hello New Year…

Just a quick recap. January 2009 (well, yes, that WAS me on the left, and that’s @PhilCampbell on the right). Photo by @rojopelo January 2010 53 pounds lighter.   Still have a few to go, and more ink to add. Yea, I know, you probably didn’t want to see me shirtless, you’ll get over it.  I […]

When Friends Do Awesome Things….

You should brag about them.  GO JEFFREY!!!! PRESS RELEASE Media Contact: Misha Houser 714.317.8122 September 14, 2009 California – Restore Equality 2010’s Interim Administrative Group (IAG), proudly announces that Cole Valley, San Francisco resident Jeffrey Taylor has joined the IAG. Taylor’s background in advertising, technology, and new media is expected to enhance the outreach […]