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Dijon in Burgundy is a perfectly walkable city. The walking tour, called The Owl Tour, uses bronze markers placed into the sidewalk to keep you on track, and rather than one would think, that you’re constantly looking at the sidewalk, it’s just the opposite, you hardly need pay any attention to the tour and can […]

Brasserie d’Orgemont – Bières Naturelles, Non Filtrées, Non Pasteurisées

Brasserie d’Orgemont – All Natural Beer, Non Filtered, Not Pasteurized. OM MF G That’s some damned good beer, if you have the chance to have it, you simply must. But try not to have too many, as I had five, and my tummy was not happy about the Non Pasteurisèes part of that equation. DRINK […]

More of Reims

In this post we almost finish our visit to Reims, I say almost because beer requires it’s own post. Tweet

Inside the Cathedral of Notre Dame (Reims)

Hard to get a decent focus in such low light, the lack of sunshine outside surely played a part, but here you have what I could get in focus. Tweet

Historic Reims


Reims, which is pronounced Rance (Like France without the F)…

Reims is a pretty city, but it is also a bit spread out, it’s not as easily walkable as Dijon is to see all the cool stuff, in fact we saw very little of the ‘cool stuff’ because of this. The shite weather didn’t help either, but weather is weather and you have to make […]

A few streets…

I didn’t take as many of these as I wanted, but here’s what I’ve got. Not a street sign, an address 81 rue de l’Universitie the post WWII address of Paul & Julia Child. This was her home when she learned to cook, and wrote much of MtAoFCV1. For Merlene For You, yes, YOU! Tweet

Proper f***ing coffee

One more thing to adore about Paris is Cafe Creme. This is how I liked it served the best. 2 ounces of espresso in a cup, 4 ounces of frothy, steamed milk in a pot, and a packet of sugar. Add sugar to coffee, stir gently, add some of the milk while gently spooning the […]

Pretty Parisian Pictures Part 2


Pretty Parisian Pictures