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I am furious with my government. I am disgusted with the lack of oversight, the lack of inspection and livid that the Chinese government thinks they can just send poisonous food into our country. I came across this article in this morning’s paper, and am livid. Illegal pesticides, banned antibiotics, ‘putrefying bacteria’ are amongst the […]


One of the things I love about cooking is learning something new, and sometimes learning just doesn’t come easy, a gap in my skills has always been my inability to make a decent omelette. Now not being good at something and having them consistently fail, over time, I stopped trying. Last night I was hungry, […]

Berry Scones

AND EVEN MORE CARBS!!!!! Gah!!!! I had a steak for dinner and some walnuts as a snack, I love this easy version of scones, they almost as good as the authentic recipe I posted last week, but these are far easier and take much less time. Remember frozen berries are your friend in this recipe. […]

And speaking of carbs…

Oh how I miss potatoes, I adore them, their creaminess, their texture, their versatility. What follows is my favorite recipe for potatoes, I love them crispy and cheesy, this version works well in any number of situations. Tweet

My Favorite Grilled Cheese

I’m craving carbs, bread to be specific, and though I can’t have this, I thought I’d daydream of cheesy, bready goodness and share the recipe for my absolute favorite grilled cheese sandwich. Charles Tweet

Mango Salsa

Quick, Cinco de Mayo is coming, what are you going to make? Too late for reservations, those should have been made months ago, Del Taco and Corona not your groove. Try some organic tortilla chips and this fabulous mango salsa, then bring this as your contribution to a party of other losers people who neglected […]

My Chimichurri

Chimmichurri, used as a marinade for meats in Argentina, I first discovered it as a bread dip at a faux Argentinian restaurant, not knowing any better I just assumed it was a bread dip, which is still how I use it, cause in addition to being a good marinade for meat, it’s a damn tasty […]

Honey Mustard Marinade/Glaze for Chicken

Another great item for a picnic or barbecue, this dish is easily prepared in advance in your oven and chilled for a picnic or done up on a grill on the spot. I love the flavors of this one. Tweet

Rustic Potato Salad

I’ts May (yay)! And that means summer picnics are coming up soon, this potato salad uses no mayo, so it’s picnic friendly and it’s also a bit different from your average potato salad because the potatoes are roasted rather than boiled. Rustic? What the hell does that mean? in this case, chunky, choppy, and not […]

This Chocolate Chip Scone Has A Secret

Scones, so light, so flaky, so delicious, any time of day. I learned the basic recipe used here when I took a six Saturday baking course at The French Culinary institute in NYC. I’ve played with the recipe in order to come up with this version. Tweet