Playing With My Food ~
A journal about food, thought, travel, and life; by Chef & Raconteur Chaz French.

1 month in…

So, I’ve been the Chef at the school for a month now. It’s kinda crazy.  I fully grasp how lucky I am to be a cook pretty much straight out of culinary school who not only has his own kitchen, but I get to create my own menus every week.  I spend a good part […]

Every day I hear you in my head…

Chef Rich, Every day that I cook, I hear you in my head.  You ask how many things I’m working on, and then I hear your voice in class that day: “If you’re not working on at least three things at the same time, you’re not cooking!” And then I ask myself: “How many things […]


As I mentioned this new job allows me a lot of creative control within a few parameters, one of those is that on Friday I cook from whatever culture the kids are studying that week; last week it was Poland and after talking to a friend and doing some research I decided for time’s sake […]

Things I heard at work today…

It smells fantastic in here. Every time I come into your kitchen it smells like Iranian food!* Do we have any more pasta?** Thank you for all the delicious food. Do we have any more pasta?** I love your bread! Everything you make is so healthy.*** Beautiful bread! * That was a compliment **FYI while […]

The first week

Officially started and the first week is over. On the whole it was good, though there were a few rough spots. Nearly burning the main dish on my first day… The oven not properly igniting on my second, which could have blown up but instead just blew the door open. Teachers acting like they don’t […]