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A journal about food, thought, travel, and life; by Chef & Raconteur Chaz French.

Montien Thai Cuisine

I first ate at MTC the late fall of 1984, back when it was on Broadway about a block and a half north of the now defunct 4 storey Tower records. It was my first exposure to the chili pepper, cilantro, and many other ingredients. MTC is where I discovered Thai cuisine and mouth searing […]

The Rude Waiter

So while at the Feast of San Gennaro we decided to stop off and have some Sangria and share an appetizer at a restaurant. The temporary dining space on the street was packed, inside the restaurant was a little better, but there was also a back patio. I requested the patio so we could enjoy […]

Escape TO New York

yeah, yeah, yeah, I know, I’ve got that whole I LOATHE NY site, this isn’t about NYC. This is about upstate NY, Ithaca and the Finger Lakes area. As previously mentioned my Hippie friends finally left Texas and moved to the Ithaca area, which makes them much closer, and cheaper to get to, but not […]

Autumn Arrives

So I’m going to post Summer Flowers as my good-bye to Summer. All of these photos were taken during my “Greather Ithaca Escape” more on that later. Tweet

Lazy end of Summer weekends

Had a lazy weekend, spent Saturday at my sister’s house lazing in the pool, and when it came time to cook it was strictly “What’s On Hand” We were not about to ruin this day, with a run to ANY store. Strictly what’s on hand Macaroni Salad 1lb tube or shaped pasta (elbow, ziti, rotini, […]

Detroit Part 4 – Greektown & Departure

For some reason this never posted, so better late then never. Greektown We came to eat. We found LAIKON Authentic Greek food, everything was awesome. Saganaki (missed it while it was flaming) Lamb platter Kalamari (Consumed so fast I was lucky there was this much left for a photo) Spanika…. can’t spell it And so […]

Detroit Part 3 – LOCO’S Bar & Grill & The Downtown Tour

Cocktails! About time too, all that walking around in the morning, sheesh. I swear, I walked by some people at a sidewalk cafe who were having bloody mary’s and I pointed and said loudly “Now that’s what we need” … alas they made me wait until damned near mid afternoon. How thoughtless! The Gang meeting […]

Detroit Part 2 – Eastern Market

Detroit – Lyrics by Marcella Detroit aka Marcy Levy This town aims at you like a gun She never misses anyone She’ll chew you up and spit you out The rest you can borrow Detroit I can hear your motor humming Don’t you know I’m coming home to you Detroit Where a man can be […]

Detroit Part 1 РArrival and Polish Village Caf̩

Detroit – Lyrics by Marcella Detroit aka Marcy Levy Detroit — I can hear your motor humming Don’t you know I’m coming home to you Detroit — Where the simple things are free And everything you need Is there for you, there for you…. ———— Why Detroit? Why not Detroit? The real answer is because […]